Hutchinsons Feeds

Thomas Hutchinson and Sons Ltd, also known as Hutchinsons Feeds, is a family business that provides quality animal feeds and customised nutrition solutions to maximise performance and help support herd health.

Sub Featured

  • Dairy Feeds

    Dairy Feeds

    With Dairy feeds accounting for over 80% of our annual tonnage, we feel we are specialists in producing feed for the modern dairy cow to ensure optimum performance.


  • Beef & </br>Sheep

    Beef &

    Hutchinsons Feeds has a range of beef and sheep feeds to suit your farm, from the new born to the finishing animal.

  • Bespoke Formulations

    Bespoke Formulations

    As well as our pre-formulated rations, we offer a bespoke feed service where our Nutritionist can design a feed plan around your individual farms needs and expectations.

  • Feeding</br>Systems


    Optimising feed management is a profitable investment that can improve herd production and health while reducing environmental impact