Hutchinsons Dairy Feeds

  • Dairy Feeds

    Dairy Feeds

    With Dairy feeds accounting for over 80% of our annual tonnage, we feel we are specialists in producing feed for the modern dairy cow to ensure optimum performance.

    We produce a range of dairy nuts and feeder wagon blends that are high in both quality protein and energy. Should you wish to feed a tailor-made ration to meet the specific needs of your farm, we also offer a bespoke formulation service. Our in-house Nutritionist and experienced team of Dairy Specialists can provide a comprehensive package of technical services to the progressive dairy farmer.

    Feeds can also be made containing a wide range of products proven to enhance dairy cow productive performance such as Actisaf Live Yeast, Acid Buf, Fish Oil, Protected Minerals and Protected Fat.

  • Dry Cow and Pre-Calving Feeds

    Dry Cow and Pre-Calving Feeds

    Correct feeding and management of dairy cows during the dry period, can have a huge impact on health and production after calving. Hutchinsons Pre-calving Feeds are specifically formulated to supply the dry cow with the correct balance of quality protein and energy. In addition, they deliver a unique mineral package designed to reduce the incidence of milk fever and related disorders.

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