About Hutchinsons Feeds

Thomas Hutchinson and Sons Ltd, also known as Hutchinsons Feeds, is a family business that provides quality animal feeds and customised nutrition solutions to maximise performance and help support healthy growth of your herd. Specialising in dairy nutrition and management, we are dedicated to providing the best nutritional products and services possible.

  • Hutchinsons' History

    Hutchinsons' History

    Thomas Hutchinson had been involved in farming and corn and scutch milling in Druminard since the late 1800’s. After the demise of scutch milling, his son Sandy founded the present mill on the site of the original scutch mill in the 1940’s. During the following years the new idea of compound feed milling was developed and replaced the old inefficient corn mills. Production in those days consisted mainly of pig feeds, and as the company grew and expanded it took on the name of Thomas Hutchinson & Sons Ltd in 1956. In 1974, Ian Hutchinson joined the family business and the mill grew from strength to strength with the installation of its first pellet press in 1982 and a consequent doubling in production.

    Growth continued through the following 2 decades, but with a shift in focus to ruminant sales. Since 2008, Hutchinson’s Feeds, as we are now better known, has been a dedicated ruminant feed mill and we pride ourselves in being specialists in Dairy nutrition. With the 4th generation of the family now involved, the company has continued to grow and develop with a highly skilled workforce from ordering to manufacturing and delivery. Support for our farming customers is also provided from a strong team of experts in ruminant management and nutrition.

Company Ethos

  • Quality


    At Hutchinsons Feeds, we aim to produce feed that will more than fulfil our customers’ expectations in terms of nutritional and physical quality. When producing rations, we refuse to compromise on quality for cost, a fact proven by the consistently high performance of animals fed on our products.

  • Service


    Our in-house nutritionist and experienced team of dairy specialists can provide a comprehensive package of technical services to the progressive dairy farmer. Our services include forage analysis, development of individual feeding programmes, bespoke formulations and support for robotic and computerised parlour feeding systems.

  • Consistency


    Nutrition is a critical factor influencing the productivity and profitability of an animal. At Hutchinsons Feeds, we use a select range of raw materials in our state of the art mill to produce a feed that can be relied on, every delivery.

  • Integrity


    Integrity is incorporated into every aspect of business at Hutchinsons Feeds as all business relationships should be built on trust, a value that must also be shared by our many longstanding customers.

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